Thursday, May 22, 2014


I never knew the importance of this word, I never knew the impact that this word has....until it happened to me, until I had to put my entire faith on this word alone. Hope.

It could never be a good thing to hear from the doctor, "Son, you may just have to change your occupation, because I don't think you may be able to do even one pull-up." I could still see my shoulder hanging out of its socket, my skin stretched beyond belief, mind-numbing pain flowing through my body and I m thinking,"My life has just ended, my career is over, I won't be able to do this anymore". I found myself praying, I found myself hoping that this was all just a dream, I hoped if I could just ask a wish, a wish to turn back time...just a few hours, just enough to find my body in a good state, just enough to stop myself from crying, just enough to have faith..once again.

Me and Albert used to joke about this word, used to take it lightly, but we both have had our share of brutal injuries, when we had only this word to help us through the pain. More than the physical pain, it was the psychological torcher of the inability to use our body as we wished.

The frustration is unimaginable when your parents have to help you in tasks you never imagined you would require help in, the shame is unbearable, all the male ego creeps in and you tend to get angry at the people who help you and show pity at you. I say this because I did.....treated my friends and parents terribly.

I hoped this would all end. I hoped for better days. It kept me alive, motivated....every bit of pain during that physiotherapy, every tear that dropped, every drop of sweat I lost made it worth it. When I thought maybe I cant do it, hope is what kept me from giving up.

Every day I got better, every day had its share of challenges and setbacks but that's what made the journey memorable.
I am better, I am much better than I was before.

All you need is to believe in yourself,  a little bit of hope and faith and hard work and then life would do the rest. may just work.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The World's Best Football Team

When you read the title I am pretty sure the first thought that comes to your mind must be, "Pooh, its just another post about all the famous international players and a dream team". I would partially agree to that, it is surely a dream team but it consists not of the international players. It is comprised of a small group of amateurs who called themselves

Main Main Log United

 (the 'united' is just to please 2 kaptis)

This team had its own share of Messis and Ronaldos who were nicknamed Massi and Bhosadaldo for their skills. While one was a defender, the other was the striker. What characterized them as great players was their dedication to the game, while one broke his hand while trying to execute a difficult manoeuvre which even the great Messi fears to do, the other played an entire game while he was ill with a terrible illness ( read loose motions). I m pretty sure he never used those underpants ever again.

We even had our own Gianluigi Buffon, an expert goalkeeper and an even brilliant engineer. The only problem was that the rest of the team wasn't sure whether he was playing for them or the opposition due to some controversial hand movements which led to the opposition scoring almost in every match. Why I mentioned him being an engineer was that he had a unique ability, he could lock his knee at one place and stay that way.

Lets talk about our star striker, an experienced ( by that I mean old....really old...he outlived his pet turtle) and surprisingly agile Wayne Rooney fan. He was the one who opened the goal account of the team that too against one of the strongest oppositions, though not much later he had to retire from the sport due to family commitments and  well.......age.

Mr. Bhosadaldo was the hunk driving - ball dancing - adult movie loving free kick expert of our team. His 'untiring' effects on the ground were very well noticed by everyone around for which he was provided with more than one 'GOD'ly praises.

Our midfielders were the real stars of our team, the sprinters, expert ball controllers, thigh bone name it, they had done it. 

The Harry Potter lookalike, love-troubled white boy who sprinted like Milkha Singh and ensured he was omnipotent on the ground. 
The tall lanky (not anymore)left-winger, Mr. Maan who technically was among the top 3 players in the team whose undying devotion to the game saw him break his leg, get operated for hernia and made him experience how to use crutches (which landed him the highest paid job from amongst the team, though he would never accept it, if you don't believe me ask Babua)

We then come to Mr. Babua, the anti-love, six pack, sad hits superstar who managed to convert all his anger for his ex to the game and made scintillating displays, he even doubled up as a goalkeeper when our Buffon lost the key to his knee and it stayed locked.

Lets not forget our own Ryan Giggs, his sole focus was the ball so much so that he would refuse to recognize his own teammates at night to the point of asking, "Who are you?" while pointing a torch at their faces. 
Finally the star midfielder, 'The Sin' who managed to get people off their seats with his tricks/antics and skills and managed to survive a murder attempt on him when 'the earth' tried to hit a iron made volleyball post on his head.

The entire team knows that the team wouldn't be this good had it not been for their defenders who, lets face it, touched the ball more than the rest of the team because of the superb passing amongst themselves. Who did you think taught Pep Guardiola all that stuff? The defenders manage to frustrate the opposition and well, their own team by keeping the ball in their own half for most of the game.

The right side of the defense was held by Massi who mesmerized the other team with his exquisite jogging style and ball clearance. 

We had Mr. TigerTurn in the center, who was the backbone of the defensive lineup, who laughs like a tiger's roar and who with his brute physical strength used to terrorize the strikers. If he didn't get to hit the ball, he would surely make it up by hitting the players shin and add an abuse to it.
We also had the other 'superstar actor-dancer-duet singer-director-nose rubber' tall center back whose throw was so great that he used to take the free-kicks and goal kicks using his hand. This talent of his made him a celebrity in the local football leagues.

The substitutes who really made up during the loss of our regular players deserve an applause. 

We have 'Mr. Father of the Nation' whose undying spirit on and off the field was well appreciated, especially for the photographs and videos which made us review the oppositions strategy and our own on tape.
We have our own national 'Golf Champion-bike rider- chocolate fingered boy'  whose calm demeanour fooled the other team when he knocked out their star striker with a foot to his gut. He took immediate retirement from the game as the ring which kept him calm was lost during that game.
Our south Indian Anna charmed everyone with his ability to run in straight lines without any consideration for the goal post.

As for me, I would just say

I had the privilege to captain the "World's Best Football Team

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Real Love Story

Again I m not talking Taylor Swift's song......

Yeh hain the prem kahaani of the average indian a few words 

I like to write a rhyme,
I know it ain't a crime,
u just choose d right words,
or the appropriate curse, 
then u send it 2 a gal,
thinking it wud mean d world,
she sends back a lol,
u interpret it as "lots of love",
u finaly think it dun,
but shes jus having fun,
u think she loves u as a whole, 
but in reality all she really thinks is,
what an asshole

End of story...

Next day morning, same story...different girl

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

THE SIN.......a true story

I am sure you all must have heard about Gareth Bale...yeah yeah the footballer who broke the transfer records. Well, if you are wondering why I have this cheeky attitude towards, most probably the best player in the world, is because he isn't the best. The best is yet to be seen by the world, I know, because I have seen him do the magic in front of me.

It took me much time to realize that he had powers which would put him in the leagues of "the Davil" and "the God". That is because he wasn't always this way, there was a time when he sucked. The way he used to play every game "the God" used to say "HES RUNNING SHIT". Little did he know that he was unknowingly chanting "the name" of the future world star. "The God" used to ridicule him to no ends, which I believe made him stronger, with each taunt hatred began to grow within him and he was determined to sin, NO...he was determined to become "THE SIN". 

Years passed, he silently grew better and stronger without anyone else realizing it. I saw a glimpse of his true power when during a match in a moment of desperation he outplayed 4 guys of the opposite team with brilliance and using his head....his Head, people... he bent a metal rod meant for tying a volleyball net. Though everyone thought he had banged into by accident I knew he had showed "the God" his power, his anger and the undying rage within him to commit "THE SIN".

When he had mastered the art of footballing he decided it was time for him to perform his greatest skill..."the bicycle kick".  The scene was pure magic, the crowds were going wild (maybe with laughter.....not important) looking at his skills and then when they thought he had shown it all, he did it. He literally flew in the air and was upside down waiting to strike the ball, but "the God" moved the ball away from him in mid air. Such was the stars power that he guided the ball towards the goal by just using the air pressure he created by swinging his leg without even touching the ball. The ball was going towards the goal and well it didn't go because ( yeah you guessed right) "the Davil" was in the same team......

When the star realized what "the God" had done he vowed to take revenge, it was time to commit the final act, "THE SIN" so he moved in with him to make his task easier. No one knew that he had joined the same kingdom Amdocs for this purpose alone, not even "the God". He stayed there for a whole year and a half with him. I thought since there was no news of him, he might have forgotten his aim but no last night in a conversation between "the league of extraordinary gentlemen" over an android phone "the God" supported the star on an argument. He had done it, he had committed "THE SIN",  his objective was that even "the God" could bear with him if he tried long enough. Now when he said this I thought he had turned "the other way" with "the God" but turns out ironically they are among the few who have female companions who aren't imaginary or their right hands.........

The mystery still remains and maybe in a summer transfer window we'll see him getting drafted into "The Sealink United" (which he created just for the sake of an argument and it turned out to be real in the future much to the surprise of others)

Note: If you want to know who is your next superstar search in the capitals of this page and you may just find out his name, just like you found "the Davil"

P.S: GOD, YOU ARE NEXT..............................

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Travel Bloggers...really?

You may have surely come across several travel blogs where people write about their experience as they travel to different places. Although I appreciate what they do and for their insights on all the locations what really bothers me is how do they manage to travel so often?
I m pretty sure you too would've wanted to write about your experiences and share your photos and then it would strike your mind (very cruelly I imagine) that you don't have the luxury to do that simply because you can't afford to. Yes, you don't have money, neither do I (the day you see me posting photos of exotic locations just take the hint that I have become successful.........and rich)

But the good news is travel blogs do pay, trust me I googled it. But it requires a lot of patience, love for travelling and a knack for sharing your experiences digitally.The way to get readers attention is to post experiences about locations which haven't been done before or strange unorthodox locations. The only way I'll be doing that is if I get lost and I finally realize that I am lost and if I get out alive from wherever I am. I could have said that I would "upload the pics using my smartphone" but hey we are in India, we are lucky if we had cell reception in such areas ( and I would have used GPS to get out.... 2G spectrum allocation...oh BITE ME!!!)

If any of you feel sympathy towards my poverty and decide to sponsor a trip for me, please feel free to do so, I m not all egoistic in such situations (when I say sponsor, I mean money and nothing else, you perverts)
Rupees are preferable (dollars are appreciated)

*All amounts should be in thousands


Friday, March 29, 2013

"MAIN KAMINA" a true story

Life surprises you with new things everyday, let me tell you the "true story" of how a group of 29 innocent young adults were surprised, though I can't say pleasantly. You may have surely heard about people who have this devilish look in their eyes, people whose eyes give a glimpse of a dark background, people whose body bears the scars of great wrongdoings. It is quite easy to identify these people amongst the commoners but what if a guy existed who didn't possess any of the distinguishable characteristics yet could wield such astonishing power that God himself could not shield himself from his wrath.
He lives. He lives amongst us, the common men, his eyes constantly searching for new targets for destruction. Adopting a disguise he has managed to gather a place in this world where he thought no one would recognize him until a few students unwittingly put the jigsaw puzzle together.
Although he had godly knowledge, he strived to see the world through a man's eyes and for that he chose a nation which has been constantly plagued by blind faith and superstition, India. He chose to be born at a small town called Indore on March 28 (the year is unknown) . He made sure the world would remember his birthday every damn year. An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale in Turkey killed over a 1000 people and injured another 20000. It is known to very few people that this massacre was done many years after his birth. Initially he chose to begin with a few murders just to try out his skill. The rush that he got out of these killings and the fact that he never got noticed increased his confidence and courage to try out bigger disasters. One thing he made sure was that he never killed using his own hand and always disguised them as natural disasters which was found out much later by his "friends"
He chose to stay young, growing old was not his idea of a good living. His age fluctuated between 20 and 25. He didn't have any friends or if he had, they weren't alive nay more.His photograph was taken only once before the camera became useless. If I put up his photograph you may find him both in yours as well as your parent's yearbook. This photograph was taken by his final set of classmates and they were sworn to secrecy not to reveal it as disclosing his identity would mean instant suffering, so it wont be provided here. However there is one other way to identify him. He usually plans his "work" in the summer months and the unbelievable adrenaline rush in the hot atmosphere causes terrible rashes and boils on his body, even on his face, though he is making use of the advancement in medical science in the field of dermatology to his own advantage and he is managing to camouflage his skin or atleast his face.
One fine morning in the year 2007, 29 unsuspecting folks were chosen to join a particular professional college, what they didn't know was that "the Davil" would be the 30th one. Actually it was the Davil who didn't know that these would be the people who would find out his true powers. 30 people, a small class, more interaction  and this precisely led to the great friendship among atleast 15-20 of them. The interesting thing was even the davil couldn't resist the genuine love that he received from them. When there are people, there is talking and when there is talking there are accents and this precisely led to the downfall of this small class.
The Davil unknown to himself had a funny accent which led to people teasing him. He warned them no to do it as he didn't like it. But who listens, the teasing continued, his irritation reached peak levels, he decided it was time to take action. Something wasn't right, he wasn't able to kill these people, it was somehow as if his deep inside the level of bonding was so strong that his heart was overpowering his brain. Nonetheless he decided they would be punished no matter what. His revenge was simple, to make the others fail in whatever they do and he made sure he was included in everything so that he could give it a personal touch. Little did he realize that this action of his would backfire on himself.
The failures kept coming on an on, one of them jokingly mentioned that someone of them had such a bad luck that it was affecting the entire group (not knowing he was close to the truth) One thing the Davil didn't anticipate was that the others won in some events which he didn't participate in. This strengthened the belief of the people that there is some factor which is pulling them behind. When all the statistics were compared, it clearly pointed out to him. Never in his wildest nightmares did he imagine that his true identity would be discovered by a few brats. He decided to laugh along and play out his role, not giving any indications about his true form but the others had already sensed that he was hiding something, that maybe he was some sort of a devil. The thing that proved this fact was his name, it was an anagram and his unusual dialogue


  Look at the title, you may just reveal his true identity.
The others hadn't found a way to suppress is power and so had to beg to him to stay alive, he agreed on one condition, the guys would never get a girlfriend. This jinx was only broken by one person (he was later found out to be God, that is a whole different story) and one more person (because the Davil thought this guy was gay and was exempted). Efforts are still being made to destroy the Davil and to end his jinx but they are all in vain. The prayers continue but so does HIS WRATH !!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mummy what is the meaning of............

Some of us may be arrogant about our knowledge about  the world and the stuff that happens in it, but how many of us have tried to impart that knowledge to others, especially children. Teachers, yes, its their profession but mostly its restricted to knowledge from text-books ( except for some proactive teachers who take time to impart useful knowledge, my salute to them). The important fact here is that even the content in text books in censored so that the kid doesn't get exposed to "inappropriate" content. What I am saying is a major part of knowledge gaining process for kids comes from parents, television and peers.Information provided in television and by peers may or may not be understood by the child and their ultimate source of explanation is "parents".

The recent spurt in the number of rape cases caught the attention of the whole country, even kids for that matter. Well of course they wouldn't understand what is rape, I am talking about the age where we are not aware of masturbation. Coz lets face it, if you know masturbation, you will know rape. An innocent child decided to clear his doubts.
Child: "mummy what is the meaning of rape?"
Mom: "(Gulp) What the hell? where did u learn this word?"
Child: "Arre, I saw in the news that a girl got raped, even an uncle was talking in the lift"
Mom: "(Sweating) ok ok, ahem.....rape...uh...yes...when a person gets beaten and troubled a lot, so much that they have to go to hospital to get treated....(thinking)...umm..yes that's it"
Child: "ok mummy"
Mom: " (thinking to herself) the most difficult task ever

3 days later, the dad and son are watching the news, a man is shown wailing like crazy. Mom suddenly enters the room and looking at the wailing man asks why the man is crying. What happens next shocks her......
Child: "Mummy I think the man was raped"


So I believe the teachers need to get such words in their vocabulary, so that they may educate the youngsters before they blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time or the parents should just keep quiet. Kids are smart, give them 2 more years, they just might explain it better back to you. Look at you, you learnt it right, on your own or through internet which actually led you to your first adult website.